Tailored Solutions

The range of exhibition stands and display products from GForce is extensive.

Tailored Exhibition and Display Solutions

We offer you an extensive range of tailored exhibition stands and display products.

GForce can supply you with a solution tailored to your specific exhibition and display needs. Whether you need a solution for an exhibition stand, trade show, conference, outdoor event,  semi-permanent display, interior, retail display or showroom, we will create a display solution that works. Choose from:

  • Modular, custom modular and rental exhibition stands
  • Custom build exhibition stands
  • Portable exhibition display stands including pop-up displays and banner stands
  • Exhibition graphics and comprehensive graphic design services
  • Event Equipment for Hire

We make your event journey smooth and rewarding by providing additional support services including project management and exhibitor stand staff training.

To discuss your exhibition stand and display requirements call us now on 01624 665770 or email us here.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands provide flexibility for you to use and re-use your exhibition stand.

This means you have almost limitless opportunities to be really creative, incorporating modular components with fabric graphics, digital printed graphics or traditional graphics.

You can use modular exhibition stands and portable displays for a variety of applications, not just at your exhibition. For instance, you can use them in reception areas, lobby areas and shopping centres. Or, for field marketing, showroom displays, offices and airport lounges. A modular exhibition stand or portable display can be used just about anywhere you need to promote a promotional message.

The benefits of modular exhibition stands

  • Flexibility to re-use whole or part of the exhibition stand for future shows and events
  • Graphics can be changed and/or added easily as your show objectives change
  • The modular design of the stand means lower shipping costs and easy transportation
  • Efficient storage means your exhibition stand will look great each time you use it
  • By combining modular components with custom elements, your exhibition stand will be unique to you and not an off-the-shelf solution

Many modular exhibition stands and displays are available for rent. We can show you how to decide whether to buy or to rent your exhibition stand.

To discuss your modular exhibition stand and display requirements call us now on 01624 665770 or email us here.

Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Design and build of unique custom exhibition stands.

You are in safe hands when you choose GForce to design and build your custom exhibition stand. That’s because, we have nearly 30 years’ experience of design, specification, project management and supply of custom build exhibition stands, graphics and interiors.

We are completely independent and therefore able to select the best solution from both the UK’s and Europe’s leading specialists for projects such as:

  • custom build exhibition stands
  • marketing suites
  • showrooms
  • visitor centres
  • design interiors

By working with one of our local UK or European partners for the supply and installation of your stand, we may be able to reduce your transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint leading to a more positive impact on the environment.

To discuss your custom built exhibition stand ideas call us now on 01624 665770 or email us here.

Exhibition Stand Rental

Portable displays and modular exhibition stands for rent

We have in rental stock a range of portable displays, pop-up displays and modular stand components. We also have a range of Conference Backdrops and Event Equipment for rent on a per-event basis.

If you are wondering if rental is right for you, the article ‘To Buy or To Rent’ maybe useful.

Or simply call us on 01624 665770 and ask the question or email us here.

Graphics and Graphic Design

Exhibition graphics

Designing graphics for exhibition stands and displays is not the same as designing graphics for print or digital applications. We understand how to make your exhibition graphics work hard. And, we also know how to design them for the type of exhibition or display system you are using.

To help you with ideas, image selection or your graphic artwork production, why not use our comprehensive graphic design service?

Simply call 01624 665770 or email us to discuss your exhibition graphics.

You may be interested in reading our article ‘Graphics – your silent salesperson’ to understand the importance of getting your exhibition stand graphics right.

Portable Displays

We offer you a complete range of portable exhibition displays.

From graphic banner stands, outdoor graphic displays and pop up display systems to literature dispensers, display lighting and point of sale units, GForce has a solution that will work for your display needs.

We’ve selected the most popular choices and listed them in our Folio Range.  However, if you cannot see what you want or you need something slightly different, just call us on 01624 665770 or email your question. We will be delighted to help.

GForce works directly with several manufacturers.  This means we have access to the latest special promotions and discounted prices. We always look to provide you with the best solution at the best price.

To receive the most up to date prices for portable displays please call us on 01624 665770 now!

Event Equipment for Hire

Rental equipment for conferences and live events.

For your conferences and live events, GForce provides a range of equipment you can hire on a per-event basis. This means you can create a complete backdrop and staging environment for your conference with lighting, audio visual and special effects.

We are able to provide fully serviced rental of:

Conference Back Drops

  • Conference Back Drop
  • Conference backdrops complete with projection screen
  • Projector, lighting and lecterns also available

Lecterns and podiums

  • Lecterns and podiums
  • Microphones and lighting also available

Curved pop-up displays

  • Curved pop-up displays can be used to create an additional backdrop area or apply graphics to promote your conference or event message
  • Units available as 3 x 3 curved pop up complete with grey fabric panels

As well as conference and event equipment, we can also offer you the following items supplied in conjunction with our friends at ELS:

  • Projectors
  • 50” LCD flatscreens
  • Microphones and PA systems
  • Gantry, rigging and stands
  • Moving Head and Mirror Fixtures
  • Colour Changers and Special Effects
  • Generic Lighting, Outdoor lighting and lighting controls
  • Laser Projection
  • Consumables (purchase only)

We have got all the kit and all the know-how to make your next live event a great success, so why not call GForce NOW on 01624 665770!

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